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What is Holistic Horse Training?


By incorporating the latest in scientific behavioral research and relying exclusively on positive reinforcement Holistic Horse Training offers a unique perspective on animal communication based on what is really happening to your horse on both a psychological and physiological level. We focus on discovering the underlying causes of behavior and building a strong, life-long relationship between yourself and your horse. We know that education is key to the successful training of any animal and this seminar will give you the basic education necessary to facilitate communication with your horses and also with the dogs, cats, pigs, and people in your life.
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We will focus on:


Relationship Building


Will your horse do everything for you without a halter that he would

 with one? For most of us the answer is a resounding NO. The truth is

 your horse should have a relationship with you not with his halter. With

 a strong relationship, anything is possible. Learn how to build a relationship

 where your horse chooses to be with you and becomes an active and willing

 participant in his own education without the use of force or expensive

 training equipment!


Positive Reinforcement


Our culture is changing; the old ways of training animals are no longer acceptable to most of society. The traditional negative styles are being replaced at an astounding rate by positive reinforcement based training, which is both more humane and more effective then traditional methods. Unfortunately, most horse training today is based on the old traditional ideologies or modern adaptations of the same ideas. In this way the field of horse training is still decades behind those of most other animal training fields. This seminar will help you understand the differences between positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment and negative punishment and recognize how each of these ideas applies to traditional and modern horse training. It will also teach you how to use positive reinforcement effectively with the animals and people you encounter everyday.


Understanding your horse as a whole system


There are approximately 300 trillion cells interacting together to make up your horse’s body. To put this number into perspective there are only about 100 billion stars in our entire galaxy. Each of these cells performs a function that is important to the physical and psychological well-being of the entire horse. It is impossible to truly understand how you horse thinks and behaves without understanding the physiological processes that influence his actions. With this in mind we focus on teaching you how what you do (or don’t do) when working with your horse affect his whole system from teeth to tail. 


This seminar is the first level of a series of seminars and is mostly informational in nature. However, we will also have the opportunity to work hands-on and apply the knowledge you acquire to real horses during the course of the seminar. The seminar will be approximately 8 hours in length and we will provide you with lunch, snacks and refreshments throughout the day. Please wear comfortable clothing.




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